Lose the headphones!

Get your music out of your phone and onto your wrist.

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Run out loud.

Without headphones to tie you down,
Jambanz let’s you listen, and talk, out loud!

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Music to go!

Jambanz pairs with all of your bluetooth devices.

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Mix n' Match!

Jambanz speakers swap from band-to-band!

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Talk on your phone with Jambanz!

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Matching Armband

Jambanz armbands make the perfect accessory – FREE with Jambanz purchase or buy for $9.99!

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NEW Jambanz 2.0! Now with Bluetooth 4.0 and Microphone



New Jambanz version 2.0 features bluetooth 4.0 with extended range, built-in microphone for taking calls, improved sound, and new colors and styles.

The new Jambanz let you answer smartphone calls over the speakerphone… just press to answer and talk out loud!

Jambanz provides better sounding audio from your device – loud enough to enjoy outdoors and during activities.
Jambanz is a safer alternative to headphones, which can block out surrounding dangers and potentially cause hearing damage.

Hear–and be heard–with Jambanz!

Jambanz are the safe alternative to headphones. Jambanz wearable bluetooth speakers let your music move with you – whether jogging, biking, skateboarding or playing outside. Jambanz wirelessly plays audio from your iPod touch™, iPad™, iPhone™ or bluetooth Android device to your wrist, backpack, belt, handlebars, lamp… whatever you slap it to!

Jambanz silicone slap bands let you switch the speaker with other bands to mix-n-match or collect and trade with friends. And Jambanz are USB rechargeable, so there’s never any batteries to buy.


Wear your music

With a quick slap, Jambanz™ silicone slapbands attach to your wrist so you can share your style in music and fashion!

One size fits all

From friend to friend and from sister to brother and from mom to dad—the Jambanz slapband fits all wrists. Or “slap” it on a bicycle, scooter, bedpost, desk lamp, or musical instrument. Jambanz goes everywhere!

Mix and match

The Bluetooth speaker can be swapped from band to band for mix-and-match fun. Make your own design. Then change it tomorrow. It’s a new Jambanz everyday!

Bluetooth 4.0

Jambanz™ features Bluetooth 4.0 and works with any Bluetooth device, freeing your music from your iPhone™, iPod Touch™, Android™ phone, or iPad™ so you can enjoy your tunes out loud.

Fast and Easy

Jambanz™ is designed to be easy to charge and play, with spoken audio prompts, instead of beeps, to help in charging and synching and a micro USB port for charging from any laptop or charger.

No more wires!

No wires to your device and none to your ears. With Jambanz™ wearable bluetooth speakers, your music is free to fly and so are you with no wires to tangle up, hitting your face or cluttering up your music device.


Jambanz™ is a great alternative to wearing headphones, which can cause hearing damage and distract from surrounding dangers.


Jambanz™ encourages kids to safely enjoy their music and express themselves by sharing their music with friends! Fun for kids of all ages.


Kids and adults can enjoy Jambanz™ wearable bluetooth speakers for outdoor activities like walking, jogging, cycling, dancing and more!