Regarding recent concerns in the media about headphone safety, Jambanz founder, Lee Killian,was featured Tuesday, August 26 on Better Mornings Atlanta. In the interview, Lee discusses how the invention of Jambanz sprang from concerns for his own daughter’s hearing and safety while wearing headphones. Lee saw a need, and an opportunity, for kids to be able to enjoy their music in a fun, new way without headphones. Lee’s idea for Jambanz took the concept of the slapband bracelet and merged it with an interchangeable bluetooth speaker that is light and rechargeable. His goal for Jambanz was to make music safer, but also more fun, using multicolored silicon bands with bold graphic designs. The multiple designs and interchangeable nature of the bands encourage kids to wear them more often while safely enjoying outdoor activities and play.

Jambanz eliminates the frustration of tangled wires for active kids, he said. Safety-wise, it eliminates potential hearing damage caused by headphones or ear buds. It also allows users to better hear what’s happening around them. Killian cites a recent case of a teenager who died while listening to music.

Jambanz are one size fits all and USB rechargeable. Click here for more information.

The original article featuring the interview can be found here.