Headphones & Earphones Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

Noise from Improper Use of In-Ear Headphones — Earbuds, Buds, Earphones — May Put Hearing at Risk

Stony Brook School of Medicine has posted an informative article on the dangers of using headphones at dangerous volume levels.

“The amount of hearing loss that one will suffer is related both to the volume, measured in decibels (dB), and the duration of time that one is exposed to the sound.

Sound at 85 dB or below is considered safe. Think about it!

If you can hear the sound being delivered into a person’s ear via headphones or earphones, it indicates the sound is too loud and over an extended period can lead to permanent hearing loss.

If one is exposed to sounds greater than 90 dB for an average of eight hours per day without hearing protection, hearing loss will most likely result. As the volume increases, the safe time of exposure decreases.”

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