How it works


Jambanz™ ships with a micro USB recharging cable. Jambanz™ is designed to recharge from most USB sources, such as a powered computer USB port, a mobile phone charger, a car charger or a 5w wall charger.

Your Jambanz™ ships with some charge, but it is best to fully charge the device before you use it for the first time.

1.Plug the micro USB directly into your Jambanz micro speaker. No need to remove the speaker from the band. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a powered USB port on a computer or a mobile device USB charger.

2. If the wire is plugged into the speaker correctly, you should hear “Device Charging.” Typical charge time is 2.5 hours.

3. Once fully charged, you will hear “Device Charged” and the blue light will glow steadily. You may disconnect your Jambanz™ from the USB cable and jam!

4. After some use, when the indicator light starts to blink, the battery is low and you should recharge your Jambanz™.

charge via micro USB cable


1. For best performance and longest battery life, before your first use, please charge your Jambanz™ for at least 2.5 hours or until the speaker says “Jambanz Charged.”

2. Turn on Bluetooth capability on your device and make it discoverable (see your device’s instructions to add or setup a Bluetooth device).

3. To pair the Jambanz, PRESS and HOLD the POWER button for 4 seconds until you hear “Jambanz On” and then a beep. The blue light will flash. (Pressing the power briefly will turn on the device, but it will not enter into pairing mode unless the power button is held down.)

4. On your Bluetooth device, “Jambanz” should appear in your list of Bluetooth devices. If it doesn’t appear, switch Bluetooth off and back on again. Select “Jambanz” in the list of devices.

5. When pairing is successful, the device will say “Jambanz Paired, Ready to Jam” and the blue light will glow steadily. Once paired, your device should link to the Jambanz whenever it’s turned on within range.

power on your Jambanz™


Playing Audio via Bluetooth: Using the Jambanz

1. Press the play button on your Bluetooth device.

2. Use the volume +/- buttons on your device or your Jambanz to adjust volume.

3. To turn the Jambanz off, hold the power button and wait until you hear “Jambanz OFF.”


boy gaming with kiwi jambanz