Hear and be heard with Jambanz wearable bluetooth speakers

Running, biking, playing outside… kids and adults alike are wearing headphones and listening to music while they are outside, often while out in the streets. The dangers of wearing headphones have been well documented. Loud music from headphones can cause permanent hearing loss as well as dangerously drowning out the world. Recent news media is filled with stories of joggers, skateboarders, cyclists and small children listening to loud music on headphones and getting hit by automobiles in the process.

female Jogger wearing Jambanz bluetooth speaker in Tangerine orange color

Jambanz is a safer way to enjoy your music while exercising

What is it were possible to safely enjoy your music without completely drowning out the world? With Jambanz wireless bracelet speakers, enjoying your music outside is not only safer, but much more fun! Jambanz let you hear, and be heard by the world around you. Jogging or biking with Jambanz becomes immediately safer, since you can hear traffic and pedestrians all around you. Kids’ hearing is preserved, since Jambanz is worn on the wrist, a comfortable distance from the ears. And athletes will appreciate that they don’t have to deal with the tangled, sweaty wires associated with headphones.

Jambanz are silicone “slap band” bluetooth speakers that feature a rechargeable wireless bluetooth speaker system. Jambanz pair with any bluetooth music device, such as a cell phone, iPhone, iPod Touch or Galaxy. When paired, Jambanz speakers let you enjoy your music without wires, and without the danger and discomfort of headphones.

jambanz bluetooth speaker in kiwi color

Jambanz bluetooth speakers are easy to sync with your mobile phone or tablet.

The unique design of Jambanz let’s you “slap” them on your wrist, stroller, bike handlebars, tent or beach umbrella. It’s a new, fun way to enjoy and share your music while you enjoy your favorite activities.

Jambanz are only $29.99 and are available from Jambanz.com or Amazon.comHear And Be Heard!