Jambanz was recently review by SahmReviews.com, who said, “But what if your prone-to-break-stuff kids want something to blast their latest Kidz Bop purchase while playing outside? There is a solution for that also – Jambanz. The bracelet design allows for easy wearing and secure positioning, even while grooving to cranked-up pop music … connection via Bluetooth is as simple as it should be, and battery life appears to be more than plentiful.”

Not a product you’re going to find at your local electronics retailer, Jambanz encourages you to “Lose the Headphones” by putting your music on your wrist. In what can only be described as a marriage of speaker technology and slap bracelet (remember those?), Jambanz is obviously targeted towards a younger, probably preteen demographic.

Jambanz would like to thank SahmReviews for the kind acknowledgement, and urge everyone to “Jam out loud!”

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